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Commercial Roofing & Maintenance

Impact Roofing can provide roofing services to all types of commercial premises.

Warehouses, large retail complexes and industrial premises are completely covered by the Impact's team of qualified technicians.

Leaking roofs can be fixed and old roofs can be replaced, the Impact team can promptly arrive on site to provide written reports and quotations or to fix a short term problem if need be.

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Metal Roofing

Impact Roofing are specialists in all types of metal roofing. We can advise you on which type of roofing is suitable for your home, office or commercial premises.

Step 1: On site visit

Step 2 : Impact provide you with a full quotation

Step 3: Upon approval of the quotation Impact will organise everything!

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Roof Conversion

Convert tiles to colorbond - quickly and easily with the Impact team. When you are looking to refresh a tired looking roof, the Impact team are experienced at replacing your tile roof with stunning metal roofing. Available in many colours, metal roofing can shape and enhance your home, office or building exterior appeal.

Using only the latest steel technology from only the best Australian suppliers, Impact can provide roofing with new steel technology, providing improved corrosion protection, with unique profiles designed to be durable, strong and available in a range of materials, metal grades, colours and shapes.

Roof Maintenance

Any roof, no matter what material has been used, needs to be adequatly maintained over the life of the roof structure.

As roofing professionals, Impact are qualifed to provide a complete inspection and maintenance service. We can carry out regular assessments of your roofing structures and complete any maintenance found to be necessary.

Fascia & Guttering

Impact can provide various types of aluminium and steel fascias, guttering and matching downpipes available on the market today. You can choose from a variety of colours to suit every home, office or business.

Our team keep up to date with all the latest technology and provide a fast and efficient service.

Tile Repair & Restoration

Impact Roofing can assist with all kinds of roof repairs and restoration. Make the old new again! We don't just work on new roofing projects but can advise you as to the best methods and solutions to restore your existing roof structures. It is better to contact a professional rather than trying to repair and restore yourself. Impact Roofing has all the right insurances and employ all the correct OH&S procedures to ensure your roof repair or restoration project happens according to plan, safely.

Do it right - contact the professional roofing technicians at Impact Roofing. Give us a call or request a quotation by click here.

Tile roof repair and restoration services also available